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“Just completed my 65th treatment and I am shocked to say that I am seeing little new sprouts around my hairline. Overall, my hair looks much better but I wasn't really sure it would work but something is definitely happening.”

Ann Ryson

Dear Tamim,

I've just completed my 49th treatment (1 session per day) and the results are great. I'm seeing some proper full length hairs regrow on my temples and my bald spot on the top of my head now has some thin coverage that seems to be improving every day. My hair also seems more manageable and looks a lot better.
Finally I would like to personally thank you for making this product, I bought a hairmax laser comb about 7 years ago and when I used it I did see some results however it was such a pain in the neck to use I would only get a month of constant use before I'd get fed up with doing the treatments and take a brake from it. I've been really puzzled why a helmet with the same technology hasn't come on the market before.

Thanks Again

A. Jordan

“I would first like to tell you how pleased we are with our 2 Theradome helmets. We are a family of four, with two kids(boy and girl) in their mid 20's going to university. Each of us has noticed a dramatic improvement in our hair. We use it twice a day and the results are better and faster than we could have hoped. Thank you from all of us.”

B. Nelson

“I went for about a year or more with steroid injections. I started with pencil eraser sized patches October 2012. My alopecia areata became worse with larger half dollar sized patches. My Alopecia was spreading in the rear of my scalp again no medications topical or vitamins or oils or anything I spent hundreds of dollars trying to stop the spread of my baldness. I was depressed and very very upset. I no longer felt like a woman or a human being. I felt so badly about who I was - I think I was close to giving up entirely. I found many companies offering products that was meant for animal fur or horses. I saw many many companies and people ready to take advantage of me and people like me with a disorder that makes people especially women feel horrible.

I was on YouTube looking at knitting tutorials when I saw the Kickstarter commercial bragging about the FDA clearance of the THERADOME. I was so distraught and in so much distress and pain, when I e-mailed Jenae Frick and Dr. Hamid they were so supportive and wonderful. As of this date I've done 69 treatments since January 13, 2014.


Sabra Hardy

“I had hair implants 8 years ago and if the economy was better I would have gone back for more hair. I have been using the Theradome since December and see a noticeable difference in the texture of my hair. The top where I still had a bald spot, feels and appears to be filling in. I am super excited to see the coming results as what I have seen so far is very exciting.”

G. Ellsworth

“Thank you Theradome! Something out there that really works like the MEP-90!

My story begins some 20 years ago during pregnancy. My hair was always full and thick, even more though while I was pregnant. After giving birth however, everything changed. My thick and curly hair began shedding, and nothing would stop it. My hair became so thin, that people could see my scalp. As a school teacher of high school aged students, this is NOT a good thing. Over that summer, I made the decision to wear a wig. For the past 18-19 years, that’s how my students have seen and known me. My wig became “me”. Needeless to say, after a few years I accepted my hair for what it was, continued to wear a wig, and neglected the hair that I had.

Then 3 years ago when I was introduced to the MEP-90, and was told that it very well might help me by the hair replacement clinic my husband went to and trusted. So I signed up, started going in 2-3 times a week for treatments. I noticed a difference in my hair in the first couple of months noting that it felt better and looked healthier. I stopped washing it with a bar of Dial soap and began using a DHT blocking set of products that were recommended. After 6 months there was more hair.. thicker, healthier, etc. I continued seeing improvements and started seeing new hair around the 12-15 month time frame. Then my husband was diagnosed with a case of pancreatic cancer (which 4 months later was completely gone!), but during that time, I stopped going for treatments and looked for something to continue my on-going LLLT. I tried Hairmax, but wasn’t happy with the holding a “brush” on top of my head for 15 -20 minutes at a time. Reluctantly, the folks at the hair clinic I was with sold me an iGrow. I continued on with the iGrow for some 12-15 months, but saw no progress and actually began reverting back to my pre-MEP-90 days.

Last December that all changed when the director of the clinic said that he now had the MEP-90 in a helmet that I could use at home! The “Theradome” went home with me that night and after a charge, has been used religiously ever since. First 2x a week, then every other day and now 4-6 times per week, and I’m quite happy to say that from my personal results the Theradome is INDEED the MEP-90 in a box that you use at home. No stupid cords, no holding my arm above my head, all things that I’d be willing to do IF I saw results, but I did not.

I know that a picture is worth a thousand words, and I’m working on that right now. I have my before and after for the MEP-90, followed by the aftermath of moving away from the MEP-90 and on to the Hairmax, then the iGrow. At my 6-7 month mark I’ll send in some pics of my head, but in the meantime… THANK YOU THERADOME AND Dr. HAMID AND TEAM!!!”


Christine Davies

" Love,love,love this product. Have only been using since December and already see dramatic results. "

I started using the Theradome late December with little to no expectation but with the thought that it certainly could not hurt. Much to my surprise and amazement, I absolutely see a difference in my hair. I have very fine new growth around my face where my hair line was severely receding. Being a woman that has been color treating my hair for many years, coupled with getting older, my hair has been progressively thinning.

Within the first 2 months of using the Theradome I started questioning myself, is it working? Is it my imagination because I want it to work so bad? I first noticed the texture of my hair seemed to change and feel slightly thicker, now when I put my hair up, my hair seems to have much more volume. I believe the new growth filling in on my scalp is giving me the new found volume. My hair is shoulder length and I use to wear my hair up all the time because my hair was so stringy. I now wear my hair down almost everyday and receive hair compliments often which proves to me this new is no longer in my head but very real. I love the Thermadome!"

Kim C.

"I received the Theradomes this morning – fantastic delivery time, only 4 days door to door!

Well, I opened one to familiarise myself with the workings. First impression - very professional. From the solid plain carton, the carry bag, the foam pads, the instructions, the plug adapters and the Theradome itself, everything showed a commitment to detail, with no corners cut. The Theradome just looks great.

I’ve charged it and tried it and everything worked just as the booklet said. I am really impressed.

You deserve congratulations for producing such an excellent product.

Best regards,

R. Copland

“So far I am very pleased with my helmet! It is not at all uncomfortable and it is easy to use. I can even multi-task with it on – do dishes, work at my desk, etc. so it doesn’t take time out of my day.

Amy C.

“I am already beginning to see results from my new Theradome! ”

Julie G.

As a hair transplant surgeon, I feel confident in saying that the Theradome™ LH80- PRO is indeed revolutionary. Since using the helmet I can honestly say, that compared to all of the other available lasers (helmets, "combs", etc), the Theradome™ LH80 PRO is miles ahead in technology, ease of use and comfort and should be required therapy for all post transplant patients. We have seen better and faster healing, little to no shock loss on the transplanted or existing hair with immediate sessions of LLLT in both the MEP-90, and the Theradome LH80 PRO. Packaging a $55,000.00 in-clinic laser into a helmet that is rechargeable is nothing short of amazing. No wonder that it came from the mind of a NASA scientist.”


Jason Lukasewicz, D.O.

“The Theradome LH80 product design is actually undersold! It's really beautiful looking piece of kit (and let's face it, most laser helmets up to now were rather clunky and weird looking), so congratulations to the Theradome design team, it is user friendly, light to wear and comes with clear and concise instructions.”

D Manning, Laser Hair Restoration Specialist, Dublin, Ireland

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